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Business Orientation

Our strong consulting background enables us to focus on the "Why" of the problem first because the unique needs of the client and the problem drives the analytical approach and solution

Holistic Insights

We combine our deep industry knowledge with expertise in data sources, advanced techniques to combine multiple data sources to deliver critical and actionable insights


We leverage technology to develop sustainable analytical solutions that makes it easy for clients to continuously learn and get insights

With newer data sources constantly emerging, organizations needs to find a way to weed through a lot more to identify meaningful insights. More data does not automatically lead to better decision making. Quality of the data and the organization's ability to gather insights from the data are far more important than the quantity of data. Our analytical framework seeks to create a holistic view of the customer that helps us connect the dots to create actionable insights.

Our focus is to provide customized solutions based on deep analysis of all available data combined with the strong understanding of the business drivers. While insights drive decisions, it is equally important to acknowledge that the success of the decision depends on the execution.

Spekle provides organizations the ability to create analytics using advanced analytical techniques and also leverage technology to develop customized solutions to execute those decisions.

Our Services

Sales Analytics

Deliver targeted insights to achieve sales objectives by motivating the right behaviors with the sales force

Marketing Analytics

Deliver personalized, hyper-targeted messaging across multiple channels

Managed Care Analytics

Identify risks and opportunities provide recommendations for the contracting team


Develop dynamic dashboards and deliver real-time insights generated through AI/ML

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